thanks to GUEST!!

almost 2 months now.... i always get feedback comments at my Q&A BOX at, from someone who their nick name are ANONYMOUS or GUEST ..... giving me bad reviews, comments saying that they are my customers... and not satisfied with my service.... im sorry if i did wrong ... but at lease leave u link , email or anything for me to get in touch with u back.... to explain what happen ... or may be say sorry if i did wrong. But, usually my customers, will email me or leave their email for me to get back to them... it makes me wondering... are they really my customer?

but, what i notice is.....this kind of comment... the bad one.. they usually has no link back to the person.. it makes me wondering..... are they really my customer or just trying to make me look bad at my blog?.... or what?.... what do u guys want?...... why keep on trying to make me look bad?

You know what.... i have been wanting to write about this .. long time ago....u guys can do what aver u want. I dont Care.. NONE OF YOU OUT THERE CAN MAKE ME STOP DOING WHAT I LOVE... no one OK!!
This is what i do for living..... i love this not bcoz of money.... but ..... my passion in creating new things... and watching other wearing it and loving it , is a satisfaction for me....

its a satisfaction that i can make others look fabulous .... satisfaction by making them look thinner from their actually size by choosing what kind of design or cutting they should wear....satisfaction in helping them with in how to match the cloth they have ....... lots of satisfaction i get and i see in them  ... in helping  others.

all this... u cannot buy .. or lie... this is what makes me do what i do... makes me want to do better and more..... even there is a lot of ups and down for me in business.... i never give up.... Bcoz i believe that nothing come easy in life.... and u have to struggle a bit to get to the place you want....

u guys trying so hard to make me failed and stop what im loin...Not just comments at my blog.... lots of thing goin on.... sabotage my boutique.. my bazaar place... apa lagi?.... apa lagi yang kalian mau... ??

How many times i have to tell u.... im not gonna give up... or stop..... the bad thing u guys did actually make me stronger... stronger than ever...... i manage to do things rite .. bcoz of u guys too ..:)...ENOUGH SAID!!

Thanks Guest... the more bad comments i get...... the better i'll become... 

Merry Christmas...

Merry Christmas ...

We had a special offer 50% off on all BAMBEE item yesterday..... it was fun... panic....excited... frustration...hahahahaha....since the offer only valid for the period of 24 hours.....anyways...
thanks to u girls who manage to purchase during the short hours we gave u......yeah the offer only valid for the period of 24 hours......but no worries to those who did not have the chance to make any purchases..... we will definitely do this again soon!!... very SOON!!

new year GOAL!! to be FABULOUS without starving.............

 new year GOAL!! to be FABULOUS without starving.............

im sure most of us girls.... want to be thinner in 2011...."AZAM TAHUN BARU OK!!"....... well i is wish for it  every year. But this year i just want to be FABULOUS, and look thinner without starving...this past few years i'm glad that i have been helpful to most of my wonderful customers who wants to look FABULOUS & thinner no matter what size they are.

So, here are a few tips for u girls out there to look FABULOUS for sure most of u girls knew about this..... but you dont take it seriously?....

Tips for today - Basic tips on what makes me look 4" slimmer than my usual size?...

Tips 1. Pls...Buy clothes that fit you.. that really your size .. not bigger or smaller. Whether you are a size 2 or a size 22, if you wear the wrong size clothes dear.., trust me you'll end up looking bigger than you are. Wearing clothes that are too tight leads to bulges and lumps, just as choosing clothes which are too large adds to your size and makes you look bigger.
Don't be ashamed of your self.... Be proud!!:P

Tips 2. Choose items which skim over areas you want to disguise. For instance, if you want to make your tummy look flatter, move away from skin tight vests, and choose a flattering tunic.
Instead of choosing a mini skirt, hide chunky thighs under a floaty skirt. However if you go baggy, this will also make you look LARGER than before. So, do not think that if u are "big".. you need to wear baggy outfit..its a big NO! NO!... For example my self, i have a big hip, flabby i always wore a long and flare cardigans to cover both parts..:)

Tips 3. Make sure you are wearing the right underwear. This is Super important !!. Thongs and g-strings are all well and good if you have no fat on your body, but if you want to give the illusion of a skinny figure, go for supportive styles which help to pull in the tummy .. Seamless is the best coz it wont press your fats..:P . A well fitting bra can also help to create a smoother slimmer figure. Take the time to go get a free bra fitting at an underwear store, or just spend a good hour at the local clothing store trying on different bras, and keep an open mind about your size. Honestly, im not being true to my self about my bra size...but, 7th months ago... i decide to change to my actual proper bra size...and learn how to wear it the rite way...  walaaa.... the result.... it gives me more curve... and my back fats are invisible now..:P

Tips 4. Highlight your good bits. If you have a beautiful slender neck, but a bit of weight on your waistline, draw attention to your neck with an eye catching necklace, or other accessories. If you have toned arms, wear a sleeveless top to make the most of your assets. If u have killer legs but heavy on top, cover your top with a structured jacket and long flare top... and show more legs..:)

Tips 5. Work on your posture. Stand up straight, pull your stomach in, and your shoulders back. You can practice posture by balancing a book on your head and walking - the book shouldn't fall off! Whenever you get the chance, look in the mirror and make sure you are not hunched over. This is possibly the MOST important tip, as bad posture can add pounds visually.

Tips 6. Wear more black! Black virtually slims out everyone, and reduces the appearance of belly fat, muffin tops, and love handles. Black can easily be dressed up with a nice colored belt, jewelery or the perfect shoes.

shahida shariff

When u look good, You feel GOOD.

i have weight problem, leads to difficulties in finding dresses, pants, tops & etc. all because of my bad eating habits.... Well im a food lover especially NASI BERLAUK ok!.... As what my Sundanese friend said "kalau belum makan nasi,berarti masih belum makan".... haha same here...

but... i wanna look good, so i decide to start loose weight...cut down everything... well macam biasa... ckp kosong je... beriya konon nk jaga makan...nk slim and slender konon.... angan2 mat jenin tuh boleh lah tahan beberapa hari... then back to normal days

...days after days, months after months... it getting worse.... heavier than ever... never in my life i reach 70 kg plus..... i used to weight only 57...58.. the max not more than 60kg... this is too much... i cant take it anymore...uwaaaa....
haa apa lagi ....kali ini aku nekad.... the next day i sign up with true fitness..... kene turun kan juga berat badan terlampau ni....almost every nite i got to gym...

then a few weeks later.. my mom decide to renovate the balcony and turn it into a mini gym.. she decide to purchase Reebok Cross Walk treadmill with a few basic equipment.... angkuh nya aku untuk berkata.... it wont be the same as true fitness gym mama...

as usual.. i was wrong.... its was awesome!!

with a very cool view from the mini gym..:P
I've been using the gym ever since.... its almost 2 months now.... and i feel good.... i started to feel the result... more fresh....more confident .... people start noticing the difference .... and mama gave me a very healthy tips... every morning i wake up... i have to drink a glass special juice..:)... mixture of 2 unprocessed honey, apple vinegar and 2 glass of plain water... drink more water daily.... also slowly cut down carbohydrate ... still doin it until today... masih kuat semangat... haha

Thanks to Reebok-Crosswalk...this is my weight now after 2 months......i want it to go down until 55kg.. is it possible?....i hope i have the strength to go on....

When u look good, You feel GOOD.

Buttons New collection UPDATED!!

Me in Buttons New Collection!!

Printed flare long cardi, Shirt Hand Made bag,
Buttons Kinky Shoe -MR TUX

BUTTONS Military mafia jacket, Shirt Hand Made bag,
Buttons Kinky Shoe - ALICE

BUTTONS Long puffy sleeve cardi, Buttons hand made sling,
Buttons Kinky Shoe - ALICE -olive & pink

BUTTONS Pattern Hand Made bag,
Buttons Kinky Shoe - NUDE BOW

Printed flare long cardi, Buttons hand made sling,
Buttons Kinky Shoe - VINTAGE

Printed Flare Cardi NEW!!

Weee... finally the printed cardi ready...
comes in 7 design ...... LONG FLARE CARDI
You can pre order this cardi @
as im still in bandung and will only be back on th 15th
eNjOY!! :)

was at my ex boutique assistant wedding at jl Acheh , bandung
... wearing new Flare Printed cardigan...
Owned design black high neck dress, traveling hand bag Marks&Spencer Autograph, flats MOD

2 more days to production day!! fuhh.....

tired yet EXCITED!! almost finish with the design details.
Hopefully the samples turn out good.

All the design will be ready on the may 15th.
yay!! i have design special super cute top for my good friend nana jepunya... babe thanks for
waiting..... its worth it OK!