Majlis Bertandang di Shah Alam....

Selamat Pengantin Baru SHAH & AIDA

   Glad u love it.... the baju look so gorgeous on u dear....
enjoy your honeymoon..:)

Shahida Shariff

Simple Vintage for Nikah!!

Congratulation my dear aida... semoga rumahtangga kamu di cucuri rahmat... dan kekal bahagia ke akhir hayat..... sorry not able to be the on u wedding day... by the way thanks for the pictures...
you look so pretty on ur wedding day... love u and shah:)

Saree to Buttons modern kurung BACK BOW!!

This is the Saree material that i transform to buttons modern kurung..
so this what it look like on her...abit loose on her as she has lost alot of weight.. and need to alter it abit... babe really sorry 
for what happen... i hope this baju will cheer u up!

This is her second baju BUTTONS MODERN KURUNG with Front
Bow.... using stretchable cotton material..
thanks babe..:) and glad u love the baju..:)