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Bow to the Bow

Posted on 27 June 2008 by sarah

With five labels and different web hosts for each, the Bow Group umbrella is a hidden treasure. But despite the apparent scatter, it is at the same time, very much closely knitted. Though predominantly an Internet boutique, its showroom is housed at the base of a stairwell that leads to its founders’ dorm-like living premise. With a bond that mistakes the stuff of sisterhood, Shahida Shariff (24), Helly Razali (26), and Farhana Zul (23) are glued at the hip via a long running friendship, and a strong passion for clothing and apparel.

While Miss Bow and The Bow (for the guys) sport items from Singapore to Hong Kong, Razali designs fashionable, yet appropriate pieces for Helly Beachwear, Zul creates whimsical doodles to go with quirky one-liners on her Teetees t-shirts and Shariff crafts fashion-forward styles that should belong foreign for Button My Buttons. Although each design is exclusively limited, its price tags never exceed RM150. This means you would own one of the five that exist, without burning a major hole in the wallet. This concept even boils down to their accessories, which have been scouted for and bought, but duly altered and modified according to their creativity. Additionally, the Bow Group showroom also carries a range of sandals designed by their friends and some chic handbags ranging from cloth to patent leather.

Text Claudia Low Photo Shermen Mukhtar

Bow Group

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Address: 25, Jalan B.U. 10/10, 47800 Bandar Utama
Train: N/A
Contact: 03-7725 5541 | Opening Hours: 12pm - 10pm
E-mail: N/A | Website:,
Credit Card: No | Smoking: Yes

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